Hello everyone, my name is Demi Knight. Well, actually it isn't. My real name is Demi de Ridder, but I bet you get that 'Knight' means 'de Ridder' in english...I love everything around fashion and country music. Yes you read that right: I love country music. It probably makes you think 'cowboy', 'old man' and 'boring'. To me and every other country-lover it's true music and unlike some pop-artists, country artists do sound the same live as on the cd. Well, enough about my country-obsession (:
What else could be interesting to know about me:
I was born and raised in holland on the 25th of May (currently 16 years old), I really want real docs and a tattoo, I spend my time at school writing songs and I spend my afternoons adding instrumentals to it, I spend my weekends recording songs and the time I have left, I spend blogging, I believe in the strength of difference and I love saying 'God bless' even though I'm not christian, I like the cross sign and ricecracker with cheesespread.
I hate it when people say I'm too young to do or think something when they don't even know my story, I hate leaving or someone leaving me, I hate sad movies because I'm freaking emotional and my dad keeps bugging me about my all-time-crying and I hate people who don't have dreams. 
I would really want to study songwriting or travel to America or take a year free for charity work. 
But untill I can help others, I should maybe first help myself. That's why I have a blog, to figure stuff out and well, I hope you enjoy me figuring out.